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Fuel Cells

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How has ZTEK chosen to protect its technology and technological improvements against competitors?

ZTEK has diligently obtained patent protection in a timely fashion for all features with a high potential commercial value; i.e., hybrid solid oxide combined with a gas turbine (SOFC/GT) system integration covering all combinations of fuel cell technologies; solid oxide with heating and cooling (SOFC/HVAC) system integration providing efficiency enhancement features; fuel cell for providing battery trickle charging during use (Automotive Range Extender) covering all fuel cell technologies: and fuel cell as a Personal Power Package.

All of the patents were issued in the mid and late 1990's and have many years of protection left. Some patent infringements have occurred. ZTEK has entered legal proceedings with visible cases and obtained favorable rulings. Licensing opportunities may be offered in the fields where present no direct competition with ZTEK's business emphasis.