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High Performance Steam Reforming
Fuel Cells

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High Performance Steam Reforming

While the principal objective of ZTEK has been to produce a high efficiency, cost competitive and compact operating fuel cell system, the maturity of our High Performance Steam Reforming (HPSR) technology and the related system suitable for distributed applications has led to the decision to commercialize our reformer products. A reformer is a device that extracts hydrogen from fossil fuels. ZTEK's reformers will enable the production of hydrogen on-site at existing gasoline stations, eliminating the need to construct a costly hydrogen infrastructureand accelerating the commercial viability of fuel cell-powered vehicles.

ZTEK commercial hydrogen reformers will convert gasoline, natural gas or methanol to hydrogen at 85% efficiency, meaning that 85% of the energy contained in the fuel will be converted into useful hydrogen. ZES 4000H will produce 4000 standard cubic feet of hydrogen per hour while ZES 2000H/75E will produce 2000 standard cubic feet of hydrogen per hour plus 75kW of electricity for distributed power generation applications. ZES 600H will produce 600 standard cubic feet of hydrogen per hour. Each individual model will fit in a 10' by 10' by 10' space. This size will allow easy integration into existing gasoline fueling stations and will give station owners tremendous flexibility in scaling the size of their hydrogen supply. ZTEK reformers also will enable true zero-emissions operation by allowing for the separation and sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Download 600H HPSR Cut Sheet