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High Performance Steam Reforming
Fuel Cells

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ZTEK's products will be targeted at the stationary power and transportation markets.

ZTEK will focus on the stationary power (distributed generation) market with our 200kW modules, which are easily scalable to half megawatt and megawatt versions. Our goal is cost-effective and efficient generation of electricity, heat and air conditioning. ZTEK's SOFC design provides flexibility, simplicity and low cost that will allow us to achieve these goals.

ZTEK holds leading patent positions in the solid oxide fuel cell industry. The market for distributed generation of power continues to grow worldwide. Installations in the year 2000 alone approached 13,000 MW's for power generation equipment under 5 MW's in size.

Demand is forecasted to grow by nearly 20% per year towards a total of 75,000 MW's annually by 2010. As local distribution systems increasingly become overloaded in congested areas, the need for distributed generation with low emissions will only intensify.

High Performance Steam Reforming (HPSR) products are being developed for transportation markets. ZTEK's reformers will enable the production of hydrogen on-site at existing gasoline stations, eliminating the need to construct a costly hydrogen infrastructure and accelerating the commercial viability of fuel cell-powered vehicles.

ZTEK is preparing to meet these challenges. Planned strategic partnerships with world class companies in the energy, manufacturing and product distribution sectors will ensure a smooth transition from development to commercial operations. Alliances with key material suppliers have been established.

Product Advantages for the Market
Strengths of the ZTEK Corporation Fuel Cell System