ZTEK Corporation

High Performance Steam Reforming
Fuel Cells

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Product Advantages for the Market

ZTEK's has two distinct products under development; a 200 kW output fuel cell/microturbine combination, and a 150 kW fuel cell integrated with a 50-ton load air conditioner and heating system. These products will bring significant benefits to the market and the general public by satisfying the need for distributed energy and natural resource conservation. Some of ZTEK product's superior attributes include:

  1. High efficiency of 70% +, resulting in low fuel consumption and low emissions
  2. Practical size, weight and footprint for transport and ease of installation
  3. Market competitive capital costs
  4. Minimal operating and maintenance costs
  5. No rare or hazardous materials, or precious metals required.

Advanced technology in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) field provides the basic fundamentals, which will enable ZTEK to produce commercially viable products. ZTEK SOFC products will be economical, efficient, clean and practical. Customers will have a choice of electric power generation alone, or a complete tri-generation system with electric, cooling and heating services.

Strengths of the ZTEK Corporation Fuel Cell System