ZTEK Corporation

High Performance Steam Reforming
Fuel Cells

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Strengths of the ZTEK Corporation Fuel Cell System

High-efficiency operation slashes both fuel costs and emission levels.

Modular nature of units allow easy installation and facilitates scaling.

Small, attractive units are ideal for distributed generation.

Only ZTEK's SOFC technology boasts Radiant Thermal Integration, a special feature allowing for extremely effective heat recovery and high efficiency.

Revolutionary reformer design processes hydrocarbon fuel for the high-efficiency operation of the fuel cells.

The optional CO2 recovery system limits emissions of greenhouse gases to minimize environmental impact.

ZTEK's solid oxide fuel cells mate perfectly with gas turbines.

ZTEK's solid oxide fuel cells are not susceptible to performance degradation by CO or hydrocarbons as are low temperature fuel cells.

Unlike lower temperature PEM and phosphoric acid fuel cells, ZTEK's units do not require any expensive precious metal catalysts.

Product Advantages for the Market